Q Does ACT load the dumpsters?

No, ACT Disposal is strictly a delivery, rental, and haul away service. We will haul away the dumpster along with what you load in it.

Q Can I bring my trash / waste to ACT Disposal directly?

ACT Disposal is NOT a landfill or direct disposal site. PLEASE DO NOT bring your waste directly to our location as you will be found with nowhere to unload.

Q I am a contractor, how often can a dumpster be picked up / delivered.

ACT Disposal works with thousands of dumpster rentals here in Texas and we have yet to hit our limit. We offer daily, weekly, and other custom pickup and delivery schedules. Call today to discuss your needs with us and we will help you find the right size and frequency of dumpster deliver for you and your business.

Q Can we get a one-time use dumpster for an event or cleanup?

We specialize in ALL SIZES of deliveries and offer custom scheduling so that you and your team can use the dumpster for as little as one day or as long as 30 days with no additional charges!

Q I am a homeowner doing a residential project, where can the dumpster be placed?

Typically we prefer to place our dumpsters on your property in the driveway or on a patch of SOLID ground. Be aware that once your dumpster is placed and you begin to fill it up, the weight alone will cause it to leave an impression if on grass, soil, or any other non-hardened surface.

ACT Disposal is not supposed to put our dumpsters on residential streets for long term use but we can temporarily place them with proper cones and without blocking flow of traffic IF permitted by residents and no complaints are filed. We suggest speaking with neighbors and notifying them of the length of time you plan on using the dumpster. Give us a call for any other questions about dumpster placement.

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